Boxer Barcelona: Shining Sports Pant Black/Yellow

Boxer Barcelona
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Wow does this make a beautiful cracking noise when you move. It's super durable and amazingly shiny. The X on the back is reflective too in the same material. There are zips on the legs so you can take it of with boots on if you're covering up another outfit for the night.

Wash by hand and don't put it in a dryer or on a radiator. The material is the strongest synthetic PVC we've found to date, and stitched masterfully but it's still PVC and doesn't like heat or contact with lubricants or rubber. For scally boys, vinyl lovers and rubber freaks, you'll all adore it.

Available in 4 sizes.


Boxer Barcelona


70% Polyurethane, 20% Polyester, 10% Elastic




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