Eye Caps Black Russian Gas Mask

Black Body
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These eye caps completely blind your Full Rubber or Russian gas mask!

Nothing can be seen anymore and you have no idea what's going to happen. The fact that you are at the mercy of the whims of the dom makes your erotic play super exciting.

Simply click these eye caps on your S10 gas mask, and because they are slightly elastic, they stay put and won’t fall off, even when you shake your head.

Two optional stickers are included free of charge with the yellow radio activity-picto. If you so desire, stick them on the caps to create an even more evil rubber gimpy look.

The included optional stickers are for novelty purposes only, not intended as permanent fixtures.

Blind the eyes of your Full Rubber or Russian gas mask with these black eye caps.
Blocks the light completely, it’s pitch dark, no idea what will happen next – really exciting!
Click-on and the slightly elastic material ensures they won’t fall off.
With free optional stickers to enhance the evil rubber gimpy look.


Black Body


100% Plastic




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